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Design Principles

Design Principles

Health Space Design is founded first and foremost on the principle that the finished design should reflect the care to be delivered — whether it’s an acute care facility performing life saving procedures or a retail clinic administering vaccines.

We’re committed to designing safe, welcoming, patient-centered healing environments based upon:

  • Quality of Care: Create environments that achieve best-in-class status for care delivery, workplace environment, efficiency, safety and quality

  • Value: Develop environments where costs are managed and flexibility, adaptability and expansion capabilities are maximized

  • Supportive Workspace: Create a vibrant, healthy and supportive work space that fosters communication, teamwork and interaction among staff, faculty, clinicians, residents, trainees, research staff and patients

  • Sustainability: Demonstrate good stewardship of the natural environment and create a design which demonstrates a responsible management of resources

  • Technology: Optimize the use of new technology (telemedicine, LEED, noise reduction, WiFi, etc) where it practically and cost effectively contributes to care delivery, sustainability, and safety

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